THE ONLY TRUE ENDING! – The Wolf Among Us (#17)


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THE ONLY TRUE ENDING! - The Wolf Among Us (#17)

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20 thoughts on “THE ONLY TRUE ENDING! – The Wolf Among Us (#17)”

  1. The reason everyone acts shitty to Bigby is because while they know who he is, if the lapdog jokes are any indication, Bigby is on tight leash by the office as Crane acted all bark and no bite and Snow we know she’s probably afraid and everyone think they can get away since Bigby will get lectured but they forget that he can be big and bad if they tempted him and when shit hits the fan, they realize they screwed badly.

  2. Actually this ending fits according to bigby personality. I also killed that crooked man in that factory.

  3. I died lathing late in the night xDDD
    I got beat up becoz of this but it was so worth it

  4. Savage choices. Good thing they didnt make a second one. Basically u can be an ass and it is still the same ending overall. I gave TJs gift to snow. I let colin stay. I couldnt keep toad and tj there no matter what. I put crooked man on trial and they all agreed with execution because nerissa intervenes no matter what. Question is who was that at the end? Narissa or Faith? Someone else? Glamour along with the ribbon and similar lines said. She wouldnt take a huff and puff in interrogation, but gladly accepts at the end. "Still running tests" like it really isnt faith. U have to have that cheap glamour trinket to make it fade like from the tree. Why wasnt Crane or the Woodsman at the trial? They really screwed us in this cliff hanger because they disnt make a second. Damn u WARNER BROS and TellTale!!

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