The Great Battles of Skyrim – Part 3


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Voices by AntiRivet:

The 3rd video in The Great Battles of Skyrim. This was on Machinima under a different title and is now available to watch here too.

Special thanks to the following people and mods:
Voices by Princeroy (AntiRivet)
Midas Magic – Spells in Skyrim by Xilver
Directors Tools by – Artisanix
Skyrim Monster Mod by Dogtown1
Vanguard Armor + Warchief Armor by hothtrooper44
Warmage Armor by DoODABoOM
Skyrim NPC Editor 0_75_1 by foretrenty
More Rain by Zappoo
Extreme Graphics Vision ENB – by Sharpshooter8

Music Credits:
‘The Forge Of Hephaestus’ God Of War 3
‘Bog of the Lost Souls’ God Of War 2
‘Depths Of Hades’ God Of War 3
‘Lair Of The Judges’ God Of War 3
‘Arena Of The Fates’ God Of War 2
‘Main Theme’ God Of War 3
‘Anthem Of The Dead’ God Of War 3
God Of War Soundtrack
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The Great Battles of Skyrim - Part 3

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11 thoughts on “The Great Battles of Skyrim – Part 3”

  1. i used to watch these as a kid. Still giggle widly as an adult when i see big creatures fighting to the death

  2. Kinda bs that the “hero” guy just shoots magic out of his palms and saves the day all of the time lol. Awesome work though, these are cool to watch.

  3. Love all the left 4 dead zombie sound effects. Sometimes i miss machinima

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