SEKIRO – Top 10 Weapon Mods!


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Links to all the mods:

10) Holy Moonlight Sword by TKGP:

9) Sword of Wealth by KenjiArt:

8) Legacy of Guardian Ape by ApolloHoo:

7) Cyberpunk Sword by Christianbliss:

6) Wolnir’s Holy Sword by White:

5) Fire Katana by Joe Giggler:

4) Earth Seeker by White:

3) Sword of Empire by BingFeiNep:

2) Rakuyo by Forsakensilver:

1) Smough’s Great Hammer by White:

The Sekiro Guru shows you his Top 10 Weapon Mods in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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SEKIRO - Top 10 Weapon Mods!

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16 thoughts on “SEKIRO – Top 10 Weapon Mods!”

  1. Imagine you just sneak up behind someone and just stab smough’s hammer into someone’s neck

  2. This not right only for sekiro perfect weapon sword and other weapon not original using masks for sword all weapons

  3. "Who cares about reality when there's monkeys fighting with swords. Especially when those monkeys are better than you with it."

    No one else but the guru has ever spoken such wisdom.

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