Sekiro Top 10 Hardest Bosses!


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Sekiro Top 10 Hardest Bosses!

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16 thoughts on “Sekiro Top 10 Hardest Bosses!”

  1. Dead Drew Show says:

    The fact that i can beat this game easy makes me feel awesome. Of course i die but I'm amazing

  2. danpats1 says:

    So is the Guru actually banana?

  3. 헬키로 says:

    I think Emma is easier than Genichiro and Genichiro is easier than Guardian Ape

  4. Clubstep G. says:

    I thought that gyoubu was a mini-boss at first, and was surprised when he gave memory
    Killed him without actually dying, cause before him i had already dealt with butterfly
    Looks like everyone has its own unique adventure

  5. Naven Opac says:

    Some people: Ok I can agree with this list

    Memers: MiSt NoBlE iS tHe HaRdEsT bOsS

  6. Commander Sebastian says:

    Thanks for helping me with guarding ape with out your help I wouldn’t be able to beat him

  7. Mystical Ghetto says:

    New subscriber here, do you talk like that all the time in your day to day life or is that just a voice you do?

  8. Morder 32 says:

    bro i beat lady butterfly before oniwa on my first playthrough and beat oniwa 1st try is that fine ?

  9. Morder 32 says:

    "The boss that puts the fear of old women, into men"

  10. sans says:

    am I the only one who thinks that the ogre was harder than isshin? Im not joking

  11. Aaron Dixon says:

    I beat Owl and the Guardian ape my first try.
    Genichiro The Corrupted Monk and Lady butterfly gave the entire universe dragon rot for me.
    Cheesed the Demon of Hatred
    and I still to this day cant even get Isshin down to his final health bar

  12. Levi Ackreman says:

    Gyoubu was the easiest boss I defeated him at my first time

  13. Mohammad Ali Rashed says:


  14. Emil Klingberg says:

    Im one of those weirdos who think Isshin Ashina is harder than swordsaint,… infact i think sword saint was easier than both owl versions, and even the ape. If you can get past the first phase and he brings out the spear, it is so telegraphed that you can see his comming from a mile away

  15. JANugur says:

    I actually think Demon of Hatred really is THE HARDEST BOSS in the game. I beat every single one of these bosses. I beat Isshin The Sword Saint on my 2nd try but no matter how many times i try Demon of Hatred i really didn't have the patience. I think his design is a bit off for the game: you're told to parry everything unless there is a red Kanji on your head but this boss deals damage no matter what so it's like having to learn a completely different game.

  16. Bilal Ahmad says:

    I beat ginichero on my 3rd try but the general was whole other nightmare

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