Sekiro – Top 10 Annoying Enemies!


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The Sekiro Guru shows you his Top 10 Annoying Enemies in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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Sekiro - Top 10 Annoying Enemies!

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18 thoughts on “Sekiro – Top 10 Annoying Enemies!”

  1. Kevin Wilcox says:

    1. Sempou Assassin
    2. Sunken Valley Scattershot
    3. Sempou Battle Monk
    4. Sunken Valley Cannoneer
    5. Nightjar Ninja
    6. Mibu Villagers (the undead ones)
    7. Corrupted Monk (Illusion) [seriously, I would take the double apes or the folding screen monkeys over this miserable experience any day].
    8. Bell Taro Troop
    9. All Other Taro Troops
    10. Dogs

  2. Nick says:

    A rooster kicked me off a cliff😐

  3. M. FM. says:

    Still dont Know if you are a 55 year old man or a 25 year old.with good acting skills

  4. Jeffry Reyes says:

    “Robert’s not coming to save you now. YOU C*NT” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. rpgfan007 says:

    headless: easy infruiating enemy

  6. Dababy says:

    I feel like number one should be the hatted shinobi and number two be the red hatted dual welider

  7. Reck says:

    That white monkey near the 2nd serpent took longer to beat than the guardian ape

  8. $pectre Gamer says:

    "He's gonna parry all your attacks and if you've cheesed throughout the game, maybe you deserve it" xD

  9. Madara Yeager says:

    Palace noble was the most annoying as i had to farm in dat location

  10. Michael Shade says:

    You sound drunk bro,have you been chugging that Monkey booze?

  11. probablyethan says:

    i just learned you use the axe to cut the hat of the goblin things, i thought it was just a test of strength to kill them

  12. Flirex Gaming says:

    you missed white monkey with 2 swords

  13. G the Firm89 says:

    I love you tyranicon have my babies (no homo)

  14. Nick Sickmore says:

    “In real life monkeys can be powerful allies.”
    Yes, in just every way; yes!

  15. Jean-Baptiste Boucher says:

    The canoneers are actually super easy to beat if you're using divine abduction tool, just force them to turn back and backstab them, fight is over in 5s…

  16. Ash Law says:

    Senpou battle monk shouldn't be so high. There are 5 in total I think and all of them can be killed by stealth. You are supposed to do that because you are a shinobi. A fight against them is really hard, but you are a fool shinobi if you fight your enemies.

  17. FadedOnEstradiol says:

    1. Isshin fucking Ashina.

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