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15 thoughts on “SEKIRO.. SMELL THE CHEESE!?”

  1. Ok whose idea was it to take Shreks Swamp? Did none of yall see the Warnings?!!! He even says to get the fuck out of his swamp, no wonder why he is so angry, someone stole his swamp and chained him up so his eyes turned red and he started body slamming everyone while Allstar was playing, therefore our only option to not go through hell when fighting corrupted Shrek is to cheese our way through it, after dying 3000 times I decided to cheese Shrek by killing the warrior With the spear then sneak stab Shrek and kept playing hit and spam circle like a little bitch to not get my head slammed in dirt or thrown off the fucking mountain. (I now imagine Allstar by smash mouth playing when you first encounter the chained ogre??)

  2. I know this is going to sound weird but this game is technically about being a Shinobi so there isn't exactly like a fairy code of fighting so in my opinion by with a patch the best ways that you can easily just kill an opponent

  3. This happened to me too I had to re do it all again properly to get the prayer bead it was a very tough fight for me

  4. They've patched the True Corrupted Monk chees (#1), it works to take her first life, but then when she disappears she reappears in Black and continues to teleport around the arena.

  5. Here's one not included in the video. For General Tenzen Yamauchi, you can slingshot up on the wall to the right from where you exit the hole in the wall and then drop down so that you're behind him on the other side of the gate. Then throw ceramics to lure him out for a deathblow from behind. Now you can fight him alone on the outside of the wall and avoid having to deal with his small private army…

  6. feels like this guy has another youtube channel with this sekiro head spin and voice.. Limit Breakers is that you?

  7. Some of this is low key amazing, makes future fights less intimidating for new players like myself

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