Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – RAGE BEGINS! (#1)


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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - RAGE BEGINS! (#1)

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20 thoughts on “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – RAGE BEGINS! (#1)”

  1. Its frustrating when you die in a boss, you have to play the part over again, all the stuff from before the boss.. A good save game system would have made this game a lot better.

  2. So you have to get the opponent fully enraged, and then you can deathblow him. That looks quite easy. Im playing the game wrong lol. First time I played this first miniboss, I walked to the tree and he walked over the edge. Easy death.

  3. "now we get the new arm and can die twice and all that bullshit"
    Dude have more respect

  4. If this fucking dude can get as good as he did I have no excuse. He plays like an idiot

  5. cant believe its been two years! loved this series still re watching it. NOt only was i introduced to fromsoftwares games but also to your awesome channel through this video.

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