Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – RAGE BEGINS! (#1)


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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - RAGE BEGINS! (#1)

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20 thoughts on “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – RAGE BEGINS! (#1)”

  1. Aiden Arkham says:


  2. Epicsimulator says:

    It’d be useful if he fully read the descriptions haha

  3. Jaycie Brown says:

    Git gud

  4. Cowduecie No says:

    Him: “ I have to do all that again”
    Me:”first time “

  5. Cowduecie No says:

    Agghh he’s blaming the controller again 🙄🙄

  6. slime king says:

    I didn't know the sekiro goro had such a poty mouth

  7. Your neighborhood friend says:

    "Say-key-row Gô-roo Here" 😎

  8. Slade L. says:

    Its frustrating when you die in a boss, you have to play the part over again, all the stuff from before the boss.. A good save game system would have made this game a lot better.

  9. Slade L. says:

    So you have to get the opponent fully enraged, and then you can deathblow him. That looks quite easy. Im playing the game wrong lol. First time I played this first miniboss, I walked to the tree and he walked over the edge. Easy death.

  10. Jearson Tolibas says:

    When he said "you munchkin" lol 😂

  11. Glenn Thoughts says:

    Watching thias playthru while I'm on NG+6 is hilarious haha

  12. Eric Daniel says:

    So is sekiro guru and hrothgar the same person? Lmao

  13. M. FM. says:

    "now we get the new arm and can die twice and all that bullshit"
    Dude have more respect

  14. Khaliel Shegog says:

    Sekiro Shadows die twice…eventually 😂😂

  15. Z W says:

    If this fucking dude can get as good as he did I have no excuse. He plays like an idiot

  16. rpgfan007 says:

    kuro is a boy but in japan boys wear skirts sorta

  17. Denzil Peters says:

    cant believe its been two years! loved this series still re watching it. NOt only was i introduced to fromsoftwares games but also to your awesome channel through this video.

  18. Ali says:

    Is this guy the same guy as sekiro guru doing a different voice/character

  19. FrancL says:

    17:00 we’ve been there

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