SEKIRO – Killing Last Boss With Money!


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The Sekiro Guru has too much money so wants to see how much it takes to kill all the bosses by throwing it at them in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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SEKIRO - Killing Last Boss With Money!

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14 thoughts on “SEKIRO – Killing Last Boss With Money!”

  1. Is this a mode?
    I mean is it possible on PS4.
    Cause I don't know how use money without being used spirit emblems

  2. You sound like a professor in a lecture hall and this is an important history lesson. great stuff

  3. Why is this e en posible once this prostetic also cost power not only money?

  4. Let's hope that's enough money for Isshin to bribe the guards when he returns to the underworld.

  5. Hello Sir! what is the trick – when i use cen trow – it cost spirit emblem – but your spirit emblem is undisapear ???

  6. this weapon makes no sense in the game, why it uses spirit emblems & money makes it senseless. you might as well just use ninja stars. i realize the coins are a bit more powerful, but they shouldve made them just use coins

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