SEKIRO – Killing Last Boss With Money!


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The Sekiro Guru has too much money so wants to see how much it takes to kill all the bosses by throwing it at them in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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SEKIRO - Killing Last Boss With Money!

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14 thoughts on “SEKIRO – Killing Last Boss With Money!”

  1. عزيز says:

    Even in this game Activision seriously !

  2. MAYUR CHAUHAN says:

    Is this a mode?
    I mean is it possible on PS4.
    Cause I don't know how use money without being used spirit emblems

  3. First Last says:

    This puts an entirely new spin on "Shut up and take my money".

  4. Simon Wilhelmy says:

    You sound like a professor in a lecture hall and this is an important history lesson. great stuff

  5. Majin Okabe says:

    Why isn’t his spirit emblem counter going down?

  6. Zorro says:

    Honour died on the money

  7. Filipe Figueiredo Oliveira says:

    Why is this e en posible once this prostetic also cost power not only money?

  8. Johnny Chan says:

    Let's hope that's enough money for Isshin to bribe the guards when he returns to the underworld.

  9. Michael Merzky says:

    Hello Sir! what is the trick – when i use cen trow – it cost spirit emblem – but your spirit emblem is undisapear ???

  10. Mkrm Abdullah says:

    How Can I throw coins without spend spirit emblems

  11. Bryan Osorio says:

    Rayos, que excelente día diste, creo que lo voy a intentar asi

  12. Ted Backus says:

    this weapon makes no sense in the game, why it uses spirit emblems & money makes it senseless. you might as well just use ninja stars. i realize the coins are a bit more powerful, but they shouldve made them just use coins

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