Sekiro Guru's Top 10 Hardest Mid-Bosses!


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Sekiro Guru's Top 10 Hardest Mid-Bosses!

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20 thoughts on “Sekiro Guru's Top 10 Hardest Mid-Bosses!”

  1. I saw none of the tips , defeated lady Butterfly with just 4 gourds and 2 necklace also after blazing bull I accidentally went to ashina depths died a lot but learnt a lot more,then stuck at Orin and monk then continued ashina castel again so except of lady Butterfly, owl, demon of hatred and isshin the sword saint i found other bosses quet easy .

  2. I tried using your tactic at Juzuo the Drunkard but I kept getting caught by the enemies from behind, thus alerting the enemies infront of me and I just stopped doing that. Juzuo has 2 phases and somehow, I built up my anger and released it towards him, and I actually beat him on my own way, just rushing, but with an ally. Best feeling after I beat him.

  3. Very few enemies give me trouble in this game, but the fucking headless is a goddamn asshole.

  4. aaah good ol' Snake Eyes. She fell of the cliff when she was about to die on a corner and had to restart the match. What a total ass this mini boss was.

  5. After died to Seven Spears like 50 times I pretty much skip him entirely and came back to beat him in the late game

  6. Terror is GENUINELY one of the worst elements in this game. I don't mind getting status effects. But something that will instakill me if I take 2 consecutive hits no matter how much hp I get throughout the entire game, but also the area slows you down massively so if he does any sweeping move you can't move fast enough to get out of the way. But also if you jump he auto corrects his aim to still hit you in the air (despite the tutorial saying to dodge sweeping attacks by jumping), and if you guard without phoenix umbrella you still get terror buildup.

  7. 5:46 I disagree with this one and the sichimen warrior placement tbh , because even if their attacks are deadly it hardly takes 2 minutes to beat them if you parry properly. But this list is accurate to most of the parts .

  8. I found the drunkard extremely easy (but then, I still can't beat a general or a lance without chewing my teeth on it, every person has his own troubles)

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