SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill The Two Apes! (Headless & Brown Guardian)


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill The Two Apes Boss, Headless and the Brown Ape in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES - How To Easily Kill The Two Apes! (Headless & Brown Guardian)

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12 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill The Two Apes! (Headless & Brown Guardian)”

  1. Shriraj Dekate says:

    Ez boss

  2. Farhan Ali says:

    Me: watched his videos for snake eyes and seven spears and found it hilarious

    Me this video: watches the thumbnail

  3. MrL says:

    Icant deathblow him ? It does not show to me

  4. monkinght says:

    Bro I killed headless ape on the first try and the brown ape wasn't much of a problem

  5. Artemis152 OwO says:

    oh man the poke at 4:02

  6. D Badarus Samsi says:

    How i cant drag out that centipede use loaded spear

  7. Aurora Gaming says:

    How come Fromsoft can go from making a great fight like Guardian Ape and a fantastic fight like Genichero to this shit

  8. Reid says:

    Been watching FightinCowboy for years on Sekiro, Niro and many other games and followed all of his walkthroughs. Tyrannicon's videos showed up and I watched a few and there and though he was pro and funny, but didn't know enough of him. Replaying Sekiro the 3rd time, rewatching cowboy videos and now I've stopped the game and find myself at work literally laughing out loud to Tyrannicons rage videos and now watching his how-to guides. Its really such the unique personality that just PULLS you in. I'm now waiting for any new releases cause I know they will be genuine and still hilarious.

  9. prod. xaphan says:

    Beat it on my second try. All you gotta do is pop a divine confetti and a ako sugar and just mortal blade the brown ape then hit it 2 or 3 more times with your sword. Dead as shit quick.

  10. Rehan Farook says:

    God! You are good. Got him on my first try following your guide.

  11. Lees Butters says:

    Thanks for the video, I’m on my first playthru fight was really easy with your strategy I beat them on first attempt.

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