SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Snake Eyes Shirafuji In 60 Seconds!


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill Snake Eyes Shirafuji in Shadows Die Twice
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SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES - How To Easily Kill Snake Eyes Shirafuji In 60 Seconds!

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15 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Snake Eyes Shirafuji In 60 Seconds!”

  1. Ken Lewis says:

    I used all 19 of my spirit emblems and he ended up with about 5% of his vitality left so I could do a nice plunging attack to finish him thanks for the help

  2. Jake Merchant says:

    Thank you; you just helped me HUMILIATE Shirafuji.

  3. Will Burke says:

    This doesn’t work

  4. rakim says:

    Does this still work? I don't wanna waste my materials to upgrade the umbrella

  5. Matt says:

    I'm not one to get hung up on genders but I'm pretty sure shurafuji is a chick


    I wish I looked this up before I spent 2 hours "mastering" this fight. By "mastering" I mean getting good at reading his attacks, parrying, and then getting lucky by blasting him with Double Ichimonju over and over.

  7. Furthermore says:

    Imma need an extra prayer bead before I fight Genichiro. Shirafuji was kind enough to volunteer.

  8. Soy says:

    justice served

  9. Travis Bickle says:

    Use Sabimaru prosthetic. It is highly effective against snake eye. She goes into vomiting animation once poisoned allowing to break her posture double ichimoji attack or whatever attack you have

  10. Kayleigh Ditchman says:

    I found it easiest to sneak and do a death blow and then hit her with the sabimaru 5 times to poison her, it did huge damage to her posture. Just deflect a few times and game over with the last deathblow.

  11. CHILL M8 says:

    I love to poison her, watching her sick is such an enjoyment.

  12. Literally God says:

    Bruh I just spammed upgraded sabimaru

  13. Simon Dewit says:

    Pretty sure snake eyes is a "her"

  14. PC GameBoy says:

    How tf does some dumb bitch swing a gun faster than a sword? This game breaks its own logic, and mechanics to be hard. lol The developers suck at their job. Pure artificial difficulty. I can't wait to give this game a negative review once i beat it.

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