SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Seven Ashina Spears in 60 Seconds!


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill Seven Ashina Spears in 60 Seconds in Shadows Die Twice
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SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES - How To Easily Kill Seven Ashina Spears in 60 Seconds!

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19 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Seven Ashina Spears in 60 Seconds!”

  1. I found a pretty easy way to kill him. Stealth kill him then use axe and fang prosthetic move a few times in a row. That fills up his posture bar and you can finish him off .

  2. Me after 2 hours: I hate this boss, his timing is ridiculous
    Tyrannicon: hehe jumps

  3. I figured it out before coming here, but I was… I just lost control of my emotion and got cocky then he finished me off.
    Update1: that head attack is one hit kill wow!!!
    Update 2: that MADA FAKA is

    Update ng+: meeh he is easy to fight one to one no jumping. I thank demon of hatred, Isshin, ninjas, red guard for the nice exercises the game is easy now.

  4. This is possibly the second best cheese next to the demon of hatred.
    It even works near the end when you have to fight him again

  5. tbh, we can deathblow him n then bring his health to half and then mikiri the hell for a more quicker way, given if mikiri is practiced.

  6. I found easier way is just keep side stepping and using firecrackers, worked the second time.

  7. it still works, you just need to jump properly every time dont mess attack in midd air and you can do this repeadetly even 6 times if you keep him on some edge before he does his spining attack

  8. This game is so fucking bad. lol I love how the enemies just somehow locked onto you always, and makes dodging and shit so cringe. The jumping on head part works, buts its impossible to know when he is going to spin above his head by the time you jump up its too late. so unless im psychic, that strategy doesnt work.

  9. Defeated this boss in my first try but by using normal methods
    I should have used sekiro guru legendary method?

  10. I ALMOST gave up… but switched to shuriken and mixed with a lot of mikirin counter. It’s shit when your controller decides to have a life of its own.

  11. no longer works. you cant attack him like that. it was fixed. so dislike

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