SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Isshin Ashina Without Getting Hit!


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill and cheese Isshin Ashina in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES - How To Easily Kill Isshin Ashina Without Getting Hit!

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18 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Isshin Ashina Without Getting Hit!”

  1. I have much thanks to express to these videos since it helped me with cheesing the first three Shura gauntlet bosses without taking any enemy damage, which I showcase in my latest video.

  2. This doesn't work, I dodge after the the charge atk and I still get hit anyway

  3. This boss is hyper BS on NG+ I just cheated through in the name of mental health. Fuck this guy the Demon of Hatred was easier

  4. For anyone wondering why this isn't working for them: you have to wait a second until he actually starts his attack to dodge. If you do it immediately after the thrust, you'll end up vulnerable by the time his sword meets you and he'll hit you every time. Also idk if I'm doing something wrong, but if he ends up deflecting your thrust instead of side-stepping it, he's going to attack three times and the dodge seems pointless. The guide definitely works but you have to get your timing right and recognize when you have to swap to deflecting too.

  5. I had a hard time to get dodge around him, sometimes it worked, sometimes not at all. I guess the distance and timing has to be on point for this. But I finally beat him using the following strategy on NG+, charmless:
    Before fighting Emma, I used the Ceremonial Tanto, then popped a healing pellet and made sure I had the firecrackers equipped. Then I used Tyrannicon's Emma strategy to beat Emma without getting hit (with ichimonji double combat art), As soon as Emma was finished, I switched the combat art to whirlwind slash, popped an Ako's sugar and a divine confetti. Next, I used this guide to somehow get through Isshin's first stage and get the first deathblow.
    As soon as the second phase of Isshin starts, I used the firecrackers once to interrupt his initial attack, then paused to equip the Dragon Flash arts skill. After that, I could always stay at some distance, and use a fully charged dragon flash attack on him. This is key: keep L1+R1 / LB+RB pressed until the attack is executed automatically!!! Create again some distance, and repeat until he is gone.

  6. seems to be much harder on pc. can't dodge at 11 o'clock. when he blocks its fine but his dodge counter attacks too wide for a "WA" dodge to work. tried using mouse angle with forward dodge but doesnt work unless youre not locked on.

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