SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – 3 Easy Ways To Kill Snake Eyes Shirahagi!


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill Snake Eyes Shirahagi in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES - 3 Easy Ways To Kill Snake Eyes Shirahagi!

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12 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – 3 Easy Ways To Kill Snake Eyes Shirahagi!”

  1. This game is so trash. lol This boss is like fighting someone with cheats in a fps. lol Aimbot, and does stupid damage, plus is somehow faster at swinging a gun than a sword, and doesnt have to reload somehow. Such a shit ass boss.

  2. watching this after taking like 25 tries to attack and parry her the "normal" way. I like the weapon art way to kill her but the poison way is too cheesy for me id rather suffer.

  3. for the safe poison trick, youdont need to stay in range
    the bosses pov is big enough that she can see you at the hole where you fall through

  4. I figured out the second one on my own and came here to see if anyone thought of it too. The thing is I did it for both health bars and it took forever.

  5. I backstabbed 2 of the 3 mortar guys, backstabbed her, and then used divine abduction/backstab/puppet master jutsu to take control of the 3rd mortar guy.

    It’s very satisfying to watch her run repeatedly into mortar fire and then get finished off by a single hit

  6. Thanks for the tutorial dude, Finally I can kick her ass out of my way, even though I tried your tutorial multiple times, but it is worth it ????

  7. This is way tastier than my cheese ?
    I killed all her minions and trapped on the roof of the wooden hut jumping and slashing away until she died.

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