SEKIRO – 99 Attack Power VS. Last Bosses!


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SEKIRO - 99 Attack Power VS. Last Bosses!

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16 thoughts on “SEKIRO – 99 Attack Power VS. Last Bosses!”

  1. Sorry but, Mist Noble is"the hardest boss in the game" ? I'm not being cheeky by asking, but is that legit? I'm guessing you're joking about him being tough? I've only played through Sekiro one time, and he was the easiest one. I got a drop hit on him from the roof, and then used the flame prosthetic, which he absolutely hated. Broke his posture so fast, and then just shanked him. I was honestly surprised by how quickly he went down to fire.

    Did I just get super lucky? Or was that a joke about him being tough? It's hard to tell with the guru sometimes xD

  2. Are there 99 bosses taut huge attack power or did u just grind levels and trade them in for power

  3. 99 and barely dealing more DMG. No wonder I dont feel any difference between begin and my 8 power now.

  4. Bet that even with 99 attack power and 20 vitality I’d still manage to die like a dog to any of the final bosses (excluding Isshin Ashina)

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