SEKIRO – 99 Attack Power VS. Bosses!


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SEKIRO - 99 Attack Power VS. Bosses!

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20 thoughts on “SEKIRO – 99 Attack Power VS. Bosses!”

  1. my headcanon is that sekiro's attack power is so bad because he holds his sword like a neckbeard whose only bujutsu training comes from anime so his sword barely does anything, I guess now he learned to hold his katana correctly.

  2. Honestly those bosses are pretty tanky. Some of them can eat quite a lot of hits 99 AP.
    Now that I see this, I ask myself if it was worth it to spend 10 Skill Points just to get 2 more AP through that damn Dragon Mask…I doubt it.

  3. Imagine what would happen if you used empowered mortal draw having 99 attack power with popping an ako and an yashariku while using a divine confetti.

  4. i swear the bull was harder for me than any of the main bosses so far

    (the last boss i owned was owl)

    I took weeks to kill that thing, ive quit the game a few times and came back later, but the main bosses usually take me one or two days to master, because i mainly play on the weekends

  5. This makes me really want a heaven or hell-esque mode where you have this level of damage, but any attack will oneshot you

  6. Attack at 99 is double of attack at 15.
    Honestly not worth going for 85 more when you can just beat 15 bosses and parry twice as much

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