SEKIRO – 99 Attack Power VS. Bosses!


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SEKIRO - 99 Attack Power VS. Bosses!

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20 thoughts on “SEKIRO – 99 Attack Power VS. Bosses!”

  1. my headcanon is that sekiro's attack power is so bad because he holds his sword like a neckbeard whose only bujutsu training comes from anime so his sword barely does anything, I guess now he learned to hold his katana correctly.

  2. Honestly those bosses are pretty tanky. Some of them can eat quite a lot of hits 99 AP.
    Now that I see this, I ask myself if it was worth it to spend 10 Skill Points just to get 2 more AP through that damn Dragon Mask…I doubt it.

  3. i swear the bull was harder for me than any of the main bosses so far

    (the last boss i owned was owl)

    I took weeks to kill that thing, ive quit the game a few times and came back later, but the main bosses usually take me one or two days to master, because i mainly play on the weekends

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