Resident Evil 2 – TOP 10 MODS!


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Links to all the mods:
10: Tofu Zombies by Snipz –

9: Nemesis by Zero –

8: No Enemies by MaVerick –

7: Skull Pack Textures by Veironn –

6: More Lickers by MaVerick –

5: VHS Reshade by NartikaMODS –

4: Invisible Enemies by Crazy Potato –

3: Beachboy X by MisterHecks –

2: First Person Cam by Praydog –

1: Every Enemy is Mr X by FluffyQuack –

The Top 10 Mods of Resident Evil 2
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Resident Evil 2 - TOP 10 MODS!

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13 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 – TOP 10 MODS!”

  1. ZioBoomer says:


  2. Pablo Rivadeneira says:

    this guy is hilarious lol

  3. C R says:

    Someone make a mod where you play as Randy from Trailer Park Boys

  4. ShadesOfMist says:

    no Heisenberg ? no Engineers ? no Xenomorph `? Boring

  5. Whittiere Breightley Dumlao says:

    Rip marvin branagh 🙁
    He will be remembered
    Also who still plays re2 in 2021

  6. venolf says:

    Geez…is there anyone who cleared every enemy’s Mr. X ??

  7. joao miguel says:

    Make a mod where mr x it’s Gordon ramasay screaming for his lamb sauce

  8. Griffith the Chad says:

    I love your narrating voice

  9. shazam cawdwell says:

    Whats harder every enemy as mr x or ever enemy as isshin the sword saint on sekiro

  10. TheLukeylala says:

    VHS with first person mod will make it look like you're playing through found footage.

  11. Giovanoider says:

    1:03 peaceful mode

  12. Isengard Middle says:

    3:05 ağza sokayım

  13. Mr Stein Gaming says:

    Nice👍 , thanks for recommend 👍👍

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