Red Dead Redemption 2 – TOP 50 BEST TIPS & TRICKS!


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The 50 best starting tips for Red Dead Redemption 2
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Red Dead Redemption 2 - TOP 50 BEST TIPS & TRICKS!

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17 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 – TOP 50 BEST TIPS & TRICKS!”

  1. Rainbow warrior says:

    Good tips, rockstar need to learn from this on how to provide game mechanics.

  2. MIKEY PLAIZZ says:

    Directions unclear i blew up the engine and was stuck on a bridge with lawmen charging at me from the back

  3. Horace H Helmsley says:

    Absolutely loved your vid, yes 2 years later. I had to skip back because I was luaghing so hard. Awesome vid!!

  4. Dixon Butts says:

    Late, I know, but i noticed you said "tap o, then o again". You can just HOLD circle in ANY menu to back completely out. 👍

    Great vid btw.
    A few I didn't even know.

  5. Brett Karst says:

    This southern humor 🤣… Hahaha

  6. JunoJupiter GLRR says:

    where is my mo' dynamite skin?

  7. JunoJupiter GLRR says:

    Scumbag witness rats! lmao

  8. *DARKVOID* says:


  9. A Kanji says:

    Ty: idiot horse
    Also ty: beast of incredible intelligence

  10. Preston Britton says:

    So many of these are obvious, I’m starting to think people watch these videos before they even play

  11. Friendhui says:


  12. Courtney Simon says:

    lmfao MoDynamite is a fn CHAMP! i cant stop laughing gj!

  13. Daven Witt says:

    BAH! You caught me off-guard with "Idiot Horse."

  14. LucidWolf20 says:

    I watched every Sekiro video you did and loved it, then I seen you do RD2 I'm hooked Lol

  15. Craig George says:

    Solid beginners guide. I highly recommend it.

  16. makwikus says:

    Why are your camp upgrades much cheaper than mine?? O_o

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