Epic Skyrim Samurai Battle! 1000s of NPCs!


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Epic Skyrim Samurai Battle! 1000s of NPCs!

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11 thoughts on “Epic Skyrim Samurai Battle! 1000s of NPCs!”

  1. Cyberhyper777 says:

    IT`S TREMENDEOUS! AWESOME ALL PARTS OF SKYRIM BATTLES! YA AWESOME TYRANNICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GJ

  2. Finn.3104 says:

    Having them speak in Japanese was actually a very clever way for him to get the characters say whatever he wanted, whilst also jot having to worry about a lack if audio files

  3. Tom the Stone says:

    Most of the music is from shogun 2 btw

  4. timmy langford says:

    idk if anyone will respond but how did he make these battles

  5. Warren Bettencourt2006 says:

    Anyone 2020

  6. timmy langford says:

    @tyrannicon can you tell me what the armor of the samurai general is or what mod i would appreciate it

  7. Mrs Black says:

    It was made so many years ago, and I still watch it-

  8. idril_haato [random] says:

    The birth of the sekiro guru…..

  9. Lokrian Xampiir says:

    Hory Shet!

  10. Eric Monaco says:

    This isnt Skyrim its Akavir

  11. Moises Favela says:

    Hey, does anyone know the soundtrack used during that sword rain scene?

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