ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Easily Kill Starscourge Radahn!


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ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Easily Kill Starscourge Radahn!

The all knowing all powerful Elden Ring Guru shows you how to beat Starscourge Radahn! with no problems or quarms

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ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Easily Kill Starscourge Radahn!

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20 thoughts on “ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Easily Kill Starscourge Radahn!”

  1. Took me 4hrs to beat this bastard even then I wasn’t satisfied he put me through hell and back with that skinny ass horse he’s riding on

  2. With My astrologer with meteor stick and rocksling i did like 600 dmg a shot. Of course my build is low in vitality like 17 :-). But 50 int.

    Was a quick fight 🙂 like 2 mins maximum. On the other hand. Any attack one shot killed me, but was worth it. You really learn to dodge if you are always low on health

  3. Thank you, it took me a number of tries but I finally got the hang of it and won. The key for me was try to never pull hate, especially in the second phase. I tried to add to dmg with the ranged attacks, but focused more on continually re-summoning the support. If I did pull hate I didn't try anything fancy, I just rode straight away with as much sprinting as possible. Once I lost hate I'd go back around a long way and revive members.

  4. Surprised Patches is a summon here, he's a lot more helpful in this game. Do the summons increase Radahn's health.

  5. Im playing about 40 hours, stuck at Radhan for a while. Been frustrating, put away my controller. My wife ask me to let her try it. She’s play before that like 2 hours, and all the time she farming me runes, bones and feathers. And you know what? She did it! She kick his ass! Take 5-7 deaths, when I died about 15-20 times. What a beautiful woman I married. Love her!

  6. i only have 4 npc's that help me fight and one is that healer… they all die to him in 1 blow like how am i ment to do this… i dont have the giant pot and the wolf anyone know why?

  7. Sorry to say… awesome boss, but From has made this game too easy. He wasn't a struggle.

  8. pro tip – use the talisman for the dragons breath and use rot spell on him 2 times in first phase and 2times in 2nd phase ( in 2nd phase make sure he is in range and npc is fighting him) and keep riding ur horse to revive npc …hes destroyed . imagin urself being pure dex player and ur not allowed to ride horse in the boss fight .

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