ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Cheese Maliketh The Black Blade/Beast Clergyman!


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ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Cheese Maliketh The Black Blade/Beast Clergyman!

The all knowing all powerful Elden Ring Guru shows you how to easily beat Maliketh The Black Blade/Beast Clergyman!

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ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Cheese Maliketh The Black Blade/Beast Clergyman!

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18 thoughts on “ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Cheese Maliketh The Black Blade/Beast Clergyman!”

  1. Love these video…the gurus voice reminds me of games master (Patrick Moore) back in the day

  2. 100% INT: if you've searched the entire internet trying to kill this boss as an astrologer and still can't do it, even after watching a bunch of videos and reading Reddit, try to do what I did (I was full INT). What you absolutely need:

    1- Rotten Breath
    2- Rock Sling
    3- Mimic Tear

    Respec if you need to. I put 60 on Intelligence, 32 on Faith and 12 Arcane, and also was sure to put a lot on HP. You've probably tried Rotten Breath because of Reddit but it seemed it didn't helped or was impossible to use in such a fast fight. The decisive thing that killed Maliketh in second phase was ROTTEN BREATH, but there's a catch on when to use it.

    Do the regular stuff: upgrade your staff and seal (I used the Erdtree Seal), equip Rock Sling and Rotten Breath, put the Mimic Tear in the pocket. Put some good armor, use a good shield, use the wondrous flask before the fight, a Great Rune, etc.

    What I did:

    – Invoked the mimic and avoided the first attacks rolling and using the pillars
    – Used a lot of Rock Sling and Rotten Breath I used 1 or 2 times (in first phase Rock Sling is more effective)
    – Mimic also varied the attacks and was still alive until the second phase started
    – As soon as the second phase started I ran right and kept the pillar in front of me (don't lock on him, just run!)
    – As my mimic made him busy I used Rotten Breath, holding R1 as long as I could (be careful, of course)
    – I did not use Rock Sling in the second phase!
    – I kept doing this, using Rotten Breath while my mimic was alive
    – As soon as my mimic died I kept running (no lock on him), hiding in the pillars and checking my back to see where he was, and he started to slow down, looking for me
    – In the split seconds that he was looking for me I used Rotten Breath, and it was like 3, 4 times of this for him to die
    – I kept paying attention to his health bar draining while I was running. If it stopped, another round of Rotten Breath in the split seconds of him partially behind the pillar

    The thing for second phase is: run with no lock, only lock and manage Rotten Breath when he is partially behind a pillar looking for you, and pay attention to your stamina and his health bar. I died only a few time when trying this strategy. It's definitely doable!

    Good luck

  3. Not working anymore. Tried with 24lvl int shield with 80 points in int and all three arrows does like 300 dmg. What a waste of time.

  4. oh man this guy was tough but after 6 cups of coffee n about 50 attempts I finally beeat him with my blood hound fang +10 and the mimic tear fully upgraded ??

  5. Did this get nerfed???? I upgraded my shield to +23 and it’s not really doing shit

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