Dark Souls 3 – Iudex Gundyr VS. Stray Demon!


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Dark Souls 3 – Iudex Gundyr VS. Stray Demon!

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Dark Souls 3 - Iudex Gundyr VS. Stray Demon!

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16 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 – Iudex Gundyr VS. Stray Demon!”

  1. Nuffly 893 says:

    Ooh, minibosses too eh? cant wait!

  2. Michele R says:

    THESE are fantastic! Thanks for this Ty.

  3. Alsy gar63 says:

    Hope your feeling better by the day Ty, the best content on YouTube as far as I’m concerned!! Dark Souls boss offs are brilliant! Cheers😄

  4. I Call Chisel says:

    Inept fighting but Demon Spit has the edge

  5. AnarchyChef2 says:

    We need Ludex vs Demon Ludex

  6. Adam Cliett says:

    I think it's pronounced like You-dex and not with an "L".

  7. The Bone Zone says:

    Wonder what champion gonna be match with

  8. Marc Crossland says:

    Excellent. If possible, life bars on the corners of the screen would provide key information at a critical point.

  9. bobby says:

    Is that symphony of the night music?

  10. Will N says:

    I can’t imagine either making it another round in the tourney

  11. Yellowteeth says:

    We love it!

  12. Ricky May says:

    Hope Champion Gundyr appears at some key point!!!!

  13. Emir De La Cruz says:

    I never knew because I wasn't receiving notifications for these series until now

  14. nickiusick says:

    Eager to see more of the tournament, keep it up mighty Ty!!!!

  15. Beef Hammer says:

    This series is admittedly not as fun to watch since the bosses are about as clunky as bastion walking threw a junkyard

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