Dark Souls 3 – Dragonslayer Armour VS. Lorian, Elder Prince!


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Dark Souls 3 – Dragonslayer Armour VS. Lorian, Elder Prince!

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Dark Souls 3 - Dragonslayer Armour VS. Lorian, Elder Prince!

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20 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 – Dragonslayer Armour VS. Lorian, Elder Prince!”

  1. I think the Slayer should be too good for Oceiros next rnd, Iā€™m interesting to see how the Dancer fairs, and importantly who she faces in rnd 1

  2. Lothric proving once again he is just a backup-battery for his elder brother…Lorian really should've taken Lothric out and assume his rightful role as Londo's Lord of Cinder.

  3. Dragonslayer Armour annihilates Oceiros. Midir narrowly defeats Yhorm with the power of poise damage.

  4. "Amalgamation of Slime and Villainy" is my new favorite intro from the DS Guru šŸ™‚ congrats to the Dragon Slayer Armour on a big win. With no cheating fear, this tournament is a good, old fashioned slugfest ā¤

  5. What everyone forgets about DSA is that while his move set is easy to learn, his high aggression and damage combined with a surprisingly useful shield give him an advantage against most of the other bosses in the game

  6. "A few powerful donks to the head of the elder prince dweeb" Lmao. Any relation to Hoodie Dweeb? Great commentary again… today

  7. Since we can't have "and the DEEEMON" this time around, I vote for "and the DEACONS".

  8. Lorian: Prepare for trouble!
    Lothric: And make it doub…. oh we are dead.
    Lorian: What do you mean with WE? YOU lose the fight!
    Lothric: *cries & calling Gwynevere*

    …Beautiful. The love of brothers.

  9. Nice to see Dragon Armour win.
    The Princes are weak to lightning. But their teleporting and reviving are so annoying.

  10. Wow! I really expected the cheating brothers to take this but it was the Dragonslayer Armor with his key strengths who won it. Very nice. Can't wait for the next one. ?

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