Black Church: 00:42
Cainhurst: 01:05
Charred Hunter: 01:26
Choir: 01:55
Crowfeather: 03:09
Executioner: 03:39
Gascoigne: 04:26
Graveguard: 04:38
Hunter: 05:32
Knight: 06:08
Tomb Prospector: 06:49
White Church: 06:57
Yahar’gul: 07:44
Bone Ash: 08:05
Gehrman: 08:15
Doll: 08:20
Madman: 09:09
Henryk: 09:22

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20 thoughts on “Bloodborne: ALL ARMOR SET LOCATIONS!”

  1. Whoa, all I need is the knight and the madman didnt know I was so close. You did forget Alfred though.

  2. surprisingly straightforward, articulate and useful for such an obtuse and bloodthirsty hersir such as yourself.

  3. Still here after six years. Just started playing a week ago. I failed the Eileen quest and just about every other one. Safe to say, IF I beat the game, and IF I want to play it again on a new character, I will be going for everything obtainable. Beside the forbidden woods. FUCK forbidden woods! (Who even likes that place, the enemies are a pain in the ass and the place is confusing as all heck

  4. The voice and music got a SoulCalibur vibe, like youre about to say "The soul still burns" at any minute

  5. Great. Now every time I put on an armour I’m going to hear a voice in my head;
    “You chose…poorly”

  6. just put them in order from the tombstones in the hunters dream this was unnecessary running back and forth?

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