Blasphemous Rage Montage!


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Blasphemous Rage Montage!

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20 thoughts on “Blasphemous Rage Montage!”

  1. Jaehwa Jeong says:

    Ty, it looks like I actually got my wish when I requested you to make this video! But you're right. This one is a lot shorter than the others. Nonetheless, Thank you, man!!

  2. Brogan says:

    Let the uncontrollable giggling commence.

  3. Alperen Erol says:

    I love the way he pronounces demon and secret

  4. TheFly212 says:

    lol, you actually finished this shit game lol. I mean, for that you deserve at least 10 internet points. AT LEAST.

  5. The Knight of Awesomeness says:

    Great montage, but damn those last 2 clips had me dying

  6. gymaddict gelder says:

    u should do a random game montage with just insta kills would be awsome

  7. TestaParker says:

    Tyrannicon, I cant wait for you to play the RESE 3 remake, I am hearing good things about it from people who are playing it! Let the ineptness commence!!!

  8. Justin Kosuk says:

    I got YouTube premium so I could listen to key rage with my phone screen off while at the gym. I realized for the sake of my health I can only listen to you when doing cable workouts because last week I almost dropped the barbell on my chest on bench press from laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. roberto gonzalez says:

    Lmao….o God I'm dying over here!

  10. Raziel236 says:

    Too late old womannnnnnn!!

  11. Glongus says:

    "This game is fucking a travesty"

  12. Eric Ling says:

    β€œ… excrement of the highest order…” lol

  13. DrAbKaN says:

    That baby boss is extremely creepy wtf 🀭

  14. Warrior Mindset says:


  15. Turbo Speeds says:

    This shit is too funny man

  16. candlejack101 says:


  17. Alex says:

    Hahahahahaha so great. Spikes should not be insta-kill. Dumbest idea ever.

  18. Outkast Shadowking says:

    Where is, rise from your grave never give up?

  19. Tyrannicon says:

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