Click here to watch the full playthrough:

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20 thoughts on “BACKTRACKING ANGER! RETRO RAGE: Blaster Master (NES)”

  1. Selvokaz says:

    Tyrannicon: I wouldn't have remembered you could come back and drive upside down to find…..
    Me: Now imagine me and my friends at age 7 and 8 literally saying all the something, back day you had to have a strategy guide or else you were not beating this game

  2. Pipo says:

    OMG the memories, thanks man.

  3. AxillaryFox says:

    Resident evil 8 villaaggeeeee. I know you hate the main nerd. But it is very much like re4 just first person and Ethan can now counter the enemies so he's not nearly as inept

  4. Luis Jaquez says:

    Where is the RE8 walkthrough? I to had motion sickness, I just adjusted the camera! We need you man, we need your guidance.

  5. Rik Jones says:

    I swear I’ve seen you play this before??

  6. Bill C says:

    Hey Ty, sad to know you had motion sickness and can’t play the full game. I think there is mod solution for that. You can test it on demo first I believe:

  7. offshore33 says:

    I like that just when he talks about the charms of the game, it suddenly gets even harder to control and the rage just continues to build.

  8. DrDavidL says:

    This was the best game back in the day

  9. Valcross says:

    Re8 rage when ?

  10. malamri424 says:

    @22:46 political rant 😂

  11. Armageist says:

    Game was a nightmare when I was 9 or 10. But it was addicting because of the veh upgrades and metroidvania. Don't think I ever got that far. Mad respect.

  12. Ruthless Legionnaire says:


  13. Matt Andrei Matuguina says:

    Bro why did u not playing the sekiro

  14. moenibus says:

    Thank you. I did mention this before. But, you're doing a disservice to one of my favorite childhood game. Play better!

  15. Deepak David says:

    Any plans on playing returnal? Heard its a excellent game but also difficult. It's third person so you won't have motion sickness.

  16. radio ron santos says:

    To bad u dont have switch one for switch is really good

  17. John Spartan says:

    Kind of a Mass Effect from that time.

  18. ManlyBeardGaming says:

    I loved this playthrough. Thanks for bringing it to YouTube

  19. Oscar Nieves says:

    🎵He’s a turd🎵 😂

  20. Tyrannicon says:

    Click here to watch the full playthrough:

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