A TRUE FOV NIGHTMARE! Resident Evil Village (#1)


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A TRUE FOV NIGHTMARE! Resident Evil Village (#1)

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20 thoughts on “A TRUE FOV NIGHTMARE! Resident Evil Village (#1)”

  1. I dont know why putting an fov slider in a game is still such a taboo for developers.

    Not to mention the sociopaths who would defend the lack of an fov slider.

  2. Feeling light headed from playing video games…..damn mate, take it easy.

  3. For the boss tournaments – I think the low view count is due to competition – there are already channels dedicated to DS3 boss battles, but none for Sekiro. Granted none of them have the honor of Tyr's commentary.

  4. The reason why the majority watched Seriko tournament and not many people watched the Dark Souls 3 tournament is because Sekiro battle choreographing is far better than Dark Souls 3. It's make battles look like a movie compared to Dark Souls series which is not even close.

  5. As far as contemplating the moon goes, I've wasted many hours doing that. It's a fun subject

  6. Hope you feel better Ty. I may aswell uninstall YouTube if you ever quit it!

  7. If you're not the one suffering those encounters, there's less to watch. More fun to enjoy your commentary when you're the poor bastard at the helm. Sadistic? Nah. It's just more fun.

  8. “demUn baby” silent hill flash backs ahahah. Ty writes off Mia with such accuracy

  9. Why does media always portray white people as being so lame? That’s not how ANY of the white people I know act lol

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