Throthgar's Top 10 Zombie Games – TYRANNICON


From Tyrannicon and Throthgar comes Throthgar’s Top 10 Zombie Games.

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Throthgar's Top 10 Zombie Games - TYRANNICON

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18 thoughts on “Throthgar's Top 10 Zombie Games – TYRANNICON”

  1. You guys need to look at some of this game left for dead sucks and dead rising that one is so bad a lot of this games suck the best one is dead island

  2. I totally agree with Resident evil 2.. it was and probably still is my favorite game of all time.. God i played the shit out of it on my ps1. A remake would be fucking insanely awesome.

  3. Dead Island, COD Zombies, Undead Nightmare, Telltale's Walking Dead and DayZ are the top 5 in no order. Only mentioning ones that are on list. Last of Us and State of Decay are good but since they weren't on this list I decided not to mention them.

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