Throthgar's Top 10 RPGs – TYRANNICON


From Tyrannicon and Throthgar comes Throthgar’s Top 10 RPGs.

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Throthgar's Top 10 RPGs - TYRANNICON

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20 thoughts on “Throthgar's Top 10 RPGs – TYRANNICON”

  1. Name Forgetting Jeremy says:

    Isn't Fallout an FPS series?  Where is Final Fantasy 4 and 6? This list is a millennial generation joke. Can't thumbs down enough. Any of the Dragon Warrior series is a better RPG than an FPS game!

  2. ReadyAimFire says:

    Fallout 3? Not 2? No Baldur? Morrowind? Witcher? Even Dark souls? And Zelda on that list?
    Gimme a break.

  3. Luiz Mingues says:

    Dark Souls is the best rpg ever….

  4. Daniel Hamzah says:

    guild wars 2 for me

  5. Gruger Käärme says:

    Twilight Princess was better, also Zelda-series isn't rpg. Dragon's Dogma, anyone?

  6. Toni! says:

    Terrible voice lol 

  7. GuyverU01 says:


  8. Macie Jay says:

    I beat Zelda at least a dozen times when I was a kid, definitely deserves #1

  9. KmFThEGameR says:

    Shenmue 2 was one of my favorite games for Xbox, I hear rumors they are planing making the 3rd sequel, but I doubt that ever happen and even if it did, I doubt it be same voice actors.

  10. Suji says:

    Dark souls deserves atleast 5-10 spot 🙁

  11. Sam Johnson says:

    No Dark Souls? come on…

  12. REAPERAPO says:

    I think many great RPG games are missing, for example Gothic 1 and 2, first and second Witcher, Dragon Age: Origins, Morrowind and Oblivion, first Fallout, Baldurs Gate

  13. RPGX_Omega says:

    What a quite generic list except for the last two. 10/9

  14. MrAnalysis007 says:

    OMG no Witcher !!!

  15. The Immortal Kahn HD says:

    its the mighty throthgar's list. he coulda said sonic 06 was his favorite and we would all have to bow before him and his magic beyond magic.

  16. Cyber Jackalope says:

    So… we gonna see Throthgar plays Ocarina of Time?

  17. Michael Modena says:

    1 Legend of Zelda is a action adventure/hack and slash game
    2 You had to pick the weakest Legend of Zelda title?
    3 Final Fantasy 7 is shit.

  18. Tom Os says:

    Diablo, Secret of Mana and my personal favourite rpg ever Terranigma.

  19. Johnny DiLelio says:

    when did throthgsr team up with nerdist

  20. TurkeyCunt says:

    F in the chat for Tyrannicon's channel

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