Throthgar's Top 10 Most Expensive Games of All Time – TYRANNICON


From Tyrannicon and Throthgar comes the Top 10 Most Expensive Games of All Time.

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Throthgar's Top 10 Most Expensive Games of All Time - TYRANNICON

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17 thoughts on “Throthgar's Top 10 Most Expensive Games of All Time – TYRANNICON”

  1. Richard Harrell says:

    I love Throthgar.

  2. Aberran Fox says:

    I have my own pristine copy of shenmue too bad I got it used and only about 2 years ago for 4 bucks. 

  3. David Cage says:

    Probably a clever move to keep GTA V a console exclusive as long as possible… Without serious piracy issues they can milk it to the max and some PC gamers might have even bought consoles to play it. You can illegally reproduce xbox discs, but there seems to be a lot less of it since its a hassle for console owners to mod their system to run them. Interesting to see if game studios will favour console game development because of that…

  4. JamesMichaelDoyle says:

    now what the fuck was the point of getting him to voice throthgar without the throthgar style commentary?

  5. X-RA3 says:

    Shout out to Shenmue. Probably the best game on this list.

  6. ScotchCuresAll says:

    One fucking billion in 3 days? Seriously?!

  7. Victoria Adams (master_cheefn) says:

    Fuck yeah, SWTOR <3 Never met a Star Wars fan that was disappointed with it.

  8. kutkuknight says:


  9. Xsodia Jules says:

    now destiny is most expine 500M$

  10. VariousVids1 says:


  11. Henny says:

    This fall pc , ps4 , xbox One .

  12. Josh Pike says:

    Now destiny just doubled GTA5

  13. Hat Duken says:

    How much did NES games cost to make?  

  14. REX AVGVSTA56 says:

    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick stated that the total cost was $500 million for Destiny so Throthgar update your fucking information 

  15. Jude Minecart says:

    i want a link to it i cant understand

  16. joseph says:

    Accidentally added all the train sim DLC to my cart. It was not fun removing them.

  17. AqsaShock says:

    What's wrong with your voice? It's so annoying!

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