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  1. GigaDonk says:

    Imagine him actually having tourettes syndrome and he doesn't know he's saying that stuff. FUCKING DONKEY!! SHIT OUT MY ASS!! FUCK FUCK!!

  2. zizo walid says:

    Shut the fuck up Ramsey you don't know how THROTHGAR cooks XD

  3. themighty axe says:

    one lousy fucking revolution and we're punished with the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Piers Morgan? WE'RE FUCKING SORRY ALREADY YOUR MAJESTY!!!!

  4. Zenon Goorol says:

    Is the original show any good?

  5. amh007dude says:

    wow anit game…make me sad just to see it and makes me want to go do some house work

  6. Zev says:

    haha why does he still cuss at you even when you do well?

  7. Will Nichols says:

    lmao! you're awesome tyrannicon. keep up the awesome work!

    also I wish there was a way to thank everyone that helps you with the channel keeping it alive.. if I had money I would donate because you have entertained me for 2 years now

  8. Ignacio Valens says:

    How ironic I'm actually watching Hells kitchen… And your playing the video game..

  9. Darrin Jellison says:

    i am burning your fucking food and i am enjoying it hahahaha

  10. Brandon Everett says:

    Oh my god Ramsay laid into your ass. Fucking hilarious.

  11. Legplates says:

    More ''fucks'' than a Quentin Tarantino movie.

  12. mistuhmack says:

    LMAo this was fuckin gold tyrannicon

  13. Corbenik Gaming says:

    Ramsey needs anger management how he hasn't been punch in the face every day of his adult life is the worlds greatest mystery

  14. DTHQ DTC says:

    you fucking donkey

  15. bloodpressurenotgood says:


  16. Jake B. says:

    Loved the part where he got 5 stars and the “yeah you can fuck yourself” clip played, even though the in game Gordon looked pleased XD

  17. Morino Ravenberg says:

    I dont even know why you bothered with this one, game's shite.

  18. Joe DiNenno says:

    One of the best episodes ever keep it up!

  19. mg0426 says:

    Gordon Ramsey and Throthgar talking shit to each other is potentially the greatest rivalry of all time.

  20. Eric Andre says:

    Now I wanna see Throthgar compete in Hell’s Kitchen

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