Throthgar Plays Skyrim: TEAM POKEMON Vs DRAGON!


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Throthgar Plays Skyrim: TEAM POKEMON Vs DRAGON!

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20 thoughts on “Throthgar Plays Skyrim: TEAM POKEMON Vs DRAGON!”

  1. Tim West says:

    Keep em coming T-con 🙂

  2. Heroshq TWG says:

    throthgar changed. he doesnt talk like his old normal self anymore….

  3. King B says:

    could you put the links to the weapons and followers in desription pls

  4. ben jones says:

    awesome vid cheers tcon

  5. Marsyn says:

    Do another video of this please throthgar?

  6. Fools are fine honey says:

    Why do I feel Meow Meow is probably the smartest member of that group?

  7. StarLight says:

    hahah karate-banana!))

  8. Ulrich Drackon says:

    mod links?

  9. Sarah J Jacobson says:

    wow, the best cohesive unit ever. throthgars cowardice, billys insubordinate positivity, roboids math shit, meow meows meowing, kick boxing bananas kick boxing skills, and Kasumi ninjas (Kasumi ninja) loyalty for some reason.

  10. MikePlaysIt says:

    Unnecessary Skyrim Censorship…

    Delphine: "I was just as surprised as you were to see that big black BEEP there…"

  11. Rafael says:

    "Do you spit or swallow?" LOL!!! You're too much, Throthgar.

  12. Urmanshire says:

    "Give banana his inheretance gold" the whole part made me piss myself laughing XD

  13. SIM R says:

    is that the cosmo canyon theme music?

  14. Yiqun Cheng says:

    What is the partner MOD—— meow-moew? It's so cute!

  15. Yiqun Cheng says:

    She is tamamo, is not a cat…

  16. KaijuJohnny says:

    13:15 Lunch. XD

  17. モスラ ya Mosura says:

    Can I lewd Meow Meow?

  18. mike aden says:

    Those men were killed until they died from it… line ever

  19. P8P says:

    “You aren’t paying us yet for our services fucker! HEY!”

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