THROTHGAR PLAYS SKYRIM! (Misunderstood Orders)


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THROTHGAR PLAYS SKYRIM! (Misunderstood Orders)

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19 thoughts on “THROTHGAR PLAYS SKYRIM! (Misunderstood Orders)”

  1. ttlpwn34 says:

    where's Banana?

  2. Strider-Ragnarok says:

    Just to be vocal about it, I liked the video and hope to see more. This entertains me while at work.

  3. Cagliostro says:

    Stay for the excitement and the lols.

  4. S0L1nv1ctus says:

    had the same bug too but i somehow managed to get it working.

  5. Russell Lee says:

    Love the music selection.

  6. Kevin W. says:

    "IM HERE FOR A QUEST, WOMAN!" – I cried for laughter…

  7. VodKiiyo says:

    What is the music at the beginning of the fort's infiltration ? at 5:30, thanks 🙂

  8. 1coopdagreat says:

    Heeeeeeeeey you guuuuuuuys 😂😂😂😩😩 #Goonies

  9. Cassandra says:

    OMG the video Thumbnail!!!!!!

  10. Sancus says:

    You're my follower. Just went on a space expedition via a Tundra Giant 15 mins ago.

  11. Muhammad Radea says:

    this must be Novice difficulty

  12. Nicholai Hat says:

    cant believe this series is still happening WOW.  Watched this stuff years ago and thought it would die with time.

  13. Knights of Notch says:

    Horahhh praise to Throthgar the greatest dragon born hero to ever live

  14. Wookie schnitzel says:

    that was hilarious!

  15. eikkuboy93 says:

    did you use graphical mods? if so could you please tell me :)? <3

  16. Whodjathink says:

    Lol, Throthgar laughed at Throthgar's death XD

  17. White Nationalist says:

    Is there anyway you can list me the mods you are using in this video?

  18. オオカミ王の目Ōkami-ō no me says:

    is Throthgar a Redguard

  19. Villanueva says:

    After dropping a lot of junk "Here's my gift for the Empire."

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