Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #3


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Watch Throthgar attempt to adventure across the land of Skyrim!

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Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #3

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19 thoughts on “Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #3”

  1. -Geirmund gets stabbed in the back-
    Throthgar: Fight like men! VIRALD!!
    i died of laughter

  2. I think Sven is a pretty good companion if you invest in I'm, he gets quite tough.

  3. Wait, not Sven- the kid who wants to be an adventurer and needs money for armor. Slap some legendary ebony plate on him and watch him go from country bumpkin to veteran badass in the space of three missions.

  4. Might be a dumb question but how do you record those 'Cutsenes' at 5: 42 .What tool do you use?

  5. Ive been watching this for quite a while but only now I realized that in the intro he is running from the dragon? XDDD

  6. This whole series really reminds me of that one bit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail with the Knight that has the bard with him. Mainly because both him and Throthgar are severely inept. I also feel like Sven just like the Bard in that bit probably talks behind Throthgar's back and generally dislikes him quite bit. To make another comparison almost like the relationship of Kif and Zapp Brannigan

  7. this team of editors has made me laugh so fucking hard. that Hollywood may have become useless. you guys kick so much ass

  8. It is a bit odd that most of the people of Skyrim, treat the Dragonborn like shit. Whenever a guard says that line about fetching mead for the Companions, I want to slap him and tell him. No asshole, I'm the Harbinger of the Companions, high ranking officer in the Stormcloak army, the Slayer of Harkon the Vampire Lord, and I just got back from killing Alduin, now go fetch me some mead. The Dragonborn seems very unappreciated, even after saving the world.

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