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14 thoughts on “THROTHGAR PLAYS SKYRIM #3”

  1. DamianDoran says:

    Its amazing isn't it? Even with all the newer games out there. Skyrim is still so badass Tyrannicon can still make new Throthgar vids for it. Whoo!

  2. Rocketjumpingspy says:

    I remember when u woud make machinima <— did I spell it right?

  3. Chthonia1066 says:

    Throthgar! You mean to tell us you've travelled throughout Skyrim for all this time, and this is the first time you've encountered a dragon?

  4. Jorge abuauad says:

    I am alone  after looooooong relationship 13 years now  she hang out with ugly piece of shit  ( follow the  money) this chapter made me happy thanks tyrannicon

  5. Wesley Crosby says:

    What weapon are you using? It looks badass. 

  6. Stephen Bob Smith says:

    More Throthgar in Skyrim!!!

  7. DFT_Darkfoot says:

    What song is that at the very end of the video?

  8. ENCHANTMEN says:

    ~zeem bork ning benene!~

  9. Davidszr says:

    damn its been 2 year since i seen this ,great thing i remember, 🙂

  10. Darkstalker 212 says:

    Lmao you didn't slay it Throthgar, but you sure did steal it's power.. ya fuckin coward.. XD

  11. Ferret Prince says:

    "i've been in the world of dark souls, you don't scare me!" i laughed harder than was necessary at that.

  12. Justin Fioravanti says:

    I still wanna see you keep playing this game there old but I like this and the dynasty warriors series videos ambition !!!!

  13. MrVent says:

    Can we talk about Morgasm the powerful, I feel that joke is way too underappreciated 😀

  14. Brian Sanders says:

    Wait, you seriously can't do Battle for Whiterun before finishing Dragon Rising?

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