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15 thoughts on “THROTHGAR PLAYS SKYRIM #2”

  1. gallopingLake6 says:

    Throthgar's back! I didn't know you made these anymore.  I thought you just changed your format to the "watch me play this game" vids.  Throthgar was the whole reason I subscribed.

  2. Mosark says:

    Im heartbroken at trothgar for joining the

  3. Savik Fraguela says:

    Throthgar the mighty lvl 3 warrior. His name shall be sung throughout the ages with reverant pride

  4. Crashdown96 says:

    'Out of the way, peck'!  HA HA HA HA HA!!!  Loving the Willow references.

  5. Zenon Goorol says:

    World of Warcraft music :PP

  6. 30noir says:

    I recognise the snowy theme from Donkey Kong Country!

  7. MaximvsDread says:

    OMG…that was so funny I choked when the first thing out of his mouth was "Outta my way peck"…lol…I laughed so hard. Totally caught me by surprise. I forgot all about that movie even though I know I've a copy of it somewhere 😛

  8. Ape Alchemist says:

    The electric companyyyyyyyy

  9. Neutron.fag says:

    Where's my FUCKING horse😂😂

  10. ENCHANTMEN says:

    ~zim box ning benene~!

  11. Snow Cat says:

    Throthgar has all the know how to solve skyrim's most infamous crimes but not a single bit of skill to complete the follow through. this shit makes me Crack up

  12. Ch4osMan66 says:

    dude the stormcloaks are the good guys they are the side that is right about the war

  13. M D says:

    "keep fighting bravely I will find the treasure" lol.

  14. KattyJaxx says:

    i have watched COPS Skyrim multiple times the last few years. why am i just now finding this? the tone of Throthgar's voice kills me. LOL

  15. Scott Benda says:

    No picked up on the rawhide theme song.

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