Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #2


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Watch Throthgar attempt to adventure across the land of Skyrim! Part 2

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Soul Calibur Soundtrack
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Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #2

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19 thoughts on “Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #2”

  1. I am loving the soul calibur/blade music you seem to have in your game, getting the urge to add it to mine as well.

  2. Throthgar is the best thing going on youtube.I have friends that don't even have pc's that like Throthgar and ask me if there's any new vids when i see them.

  3. I'd love it if you re-edited the resurrection scene so that Morgasm is an altmer instead of whatever human race you set him as. "Why do that?" you may ask. Because we now know from Elder Scrolls Online that Morgasm the Powerful is actually an altmer, which would explain A. why he's so good at magic, and B. how he even existed back in the Second Era, since high elves have a lifespan of over a thousand years. You don't have to re-edit it if you don't want to though, since the only parts of him you can actually see are his hands. Still, it would be a nice attention to detail. What you DO need to do however, is BRING BACK PARTS 3 AND 5!!!

  4. 1:25 too funny! I have NEVER done that! It never occured to me to just quit a dungeon. I am OCD about clearing every nook and cranny. So it made me laugh to see him just quit it! Thanks for posting these videos! 🙂

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