Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #1


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Watch Throthgar attempt to adventure across the land of Skyrim!

Music Credits:
Soul Calibur Soundtrack

Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #1

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12 thoughts on “Throthgar Plays Skyrim! #1”

  1. Big Man says:

    “Jack off and go to sleep” smh

  2. Ben Mercer says:

    Hey it's TJ Laser

  3. Ryan Leigh says:

    shadow of Rome background music?

  4. FrenzyXD66 says:

    Since he is a follower now i cant play without him

  5. Lonely says:

    Can you put the resident evil skyrim video back please? It doesn't seem fair to pay to see it we are not at the cinema …… PUT IT BACK !!! THANKS !!!

  6. M M says:

    Always like coming back to these videos

  7. Mad Jazza says:

    Why would a ghost have shoes?

  8. Comrade Dyatlov says:

    Who's watching this in 2020? Never gets old!

  9. Joseph Neyland says:

    We did it as a cohesive unit!

  10. DenyingBody says:

    Nine years ago.. That is all.

  11. Nameless Maggot says:

    Ahhhh nostalgia

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