THROTHGAR MOD! Resident Evil HD Remaster (#1)


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THROTHGAR MOD! Resident Evil HD Remaster (#1)

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20 thoughts on “THROTHGAR MOD! Resident Evil HD Remaster (#1)”

  1. So glad you replaced Chris' voice with your own. My absolute favorite videos are when you do that! 🙂

  2. Chris Throthgar?
    I finished my fourth playthrough of RE remaster with jill in RE3 outfit yesterday, I love that sexy outfit.
    It's quite convenient that I never played with chris, so I'll watch Throthgar's adventure and focus on other things.
    Keep making more episodes!

  3. necesito ayuda con el biohazard remaster, ¿tu me puedes ayudar? quiero aprender a hacer skins y quiero modificar las rooms con un programa hex y conseguir ponerle un mayor numero de zombies en cada room, pero nadie me ayuda, me veo solo haciendo todo esto,,,,tengo grupo en facebook pero nadie me ayuda

  4. Tj laser would of made more sense since this takes place in a modern time

  5. I just got home and have to sleep but come on !!! you in resident evil??? I don't care if I wake up late I'm watching this lol

  6. Hey zombies cant bite through dragon bone armor that should be a god mode cheat ?

  7. I can't find the parody of skyrim you did you would be kind enough to put the link back in? (Google translator)

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