Throthgar Gaming Rage!



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Throthgar Gaming Rage!

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16 thoughts on “Throthgar Gaming Rage!”

  1. Every one's doing a lets play these days. Is this really the future of entertainment?

  2. Tyrannicon you have such a cool voice, I'd love to actually see what you look like.

  3. Plz don't quit on dark souls that spider bitch head will be yours just push yourself

  4. With out fail, you make me crack up.When I get my tax rebate, I would love to take you out for a drink, man you are a funny fella.I don't even drink, but would get pissed with you. Then I would need stitches to put my sides back together.

  5. Why don't you make skyrim video's anymore. Especially kick boxing banana. And the great battles.

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