Throthgar Follower Mod!


Skyrim Nexus Version:
Steam Workshop Version:

Special Thanks to Jpdoctor117 for making the mod:

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Throthgar Follower Mod!

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18 thoughts on “Throthgar Follower Mod!”

  1. Like others already got him, fucking brill shame he runs from fights…..Most of the time.

  2. Hi I was just wondering what race throthgar is I am looking to make him thx

  3. to bad it literally conflicts with almost every mod :/ playtest your mods bro. this thing conflicts with almost all follower overhauls and multiple follower mods. you gotta make some big compatibility updates.

  4. I just realized something. Throthgar is the brother-in-law of Einar. That means he must have a sister (or a gay brother, i dunno)

  5. Time to brutally murder Throthgar and loot his dragonbone armour and daedric greatsword!

  6. I just got this today and I was laughing my head off at his lines great job on this one

  7. I got the port of this mod on the Xbox One, and I really like it

    I always wanted to see what it would be like having my rogue/assassin meeting Throthgar

    My only criticisms are that some of his talk is not exactly lore friendly (though I bet it is intentional) and the enchantment on the “Dragonslaying Sword of Honor” is not what it was on his original playthrough (though this is easy to ignore ^^)

  8. I still play Skyrim with this mod. It’s just hysterical to tool around with Throthgar after a hard day in the tech support trenches 🙂

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