Skyrim – Top 10 Race Mods Trailer (Featuring Throthgar)



Skyrim: Top 10 Race Mods Trailer (Featuring Throthgar the Dragonborn Hero/Coward)

10 of the best new modded races that Skyrim has to offer

Skyrim - Top 10 Race Mods Trailer (Featuring Throthgar)

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20 thoughts on “Skyrim – Top 10 Race Mods Trailer (Featuring Throthgar)”

  1. Throthgar has to be one of the best invented characters on youtube.
    I think his voice is a major part of his success. :3
    Plus these are funny ass videos

  2. Tyrannicon, what videos do you upload to machinima and what happens if you run out of ideas and can't upload any more?

  3. Nothing will happen, Machinima don't force me to upload videos to their channel, it's my choice…. to try and get more subscribers and more views on my vids as they have 6 million subscribers.

  4. Covered in cat spit? Nice one!

    And apparently Throthgar prefers cats to chicks. That is a bit surprising to me. Especially with Morgasm the Powerful making multiple Succubus visits a feasible thing.

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