Skyrim Tales – Wedding From Hell


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See Throthgar take part in the console version of The Great Battle of Skyrim:

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There is a Throthgar NPC mod in the works:

Throthgar ties the knot in the worst ever Skyrim wedding.

Bethesda and Microsoft do not endorse Throthgar the Dragonborn in any shape, way or form. His opinions and actions are solely his own and any harm that your own character in the “Elder Scrolls V” : Skyrim endures due to copying Throthgar is your own fault. Throthgar is not a good role model for you or your character, his armor, weapon and thoughts are not to be looked into. Weddings are normally a beautiful occasion in the world of Skyrim but this is what can happen if you mix lizard and human relations.

Skyrim Tales - Wedding From Hell

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  1. Wait, does that mean there's a scaly little ___gar, son/daughter of Throthgar, son of Bothvar, descendant of(etc…) somewhere in Skyrim?

  2. Is Morgasm just doing this because he finds it hilarious how Throthgar manages to keep dying?

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