Skyrim Tales: Throthgar's Clone Army



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Skyrim Tales: Throthgar's Clone Army

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17 thoughts on “Skyrim Tales: Throthgar's Clone Army”


    Well then. Have fun trying to find it here.

  2. Zac Peterson says:

    I only have one suggestion with your videos… Use a different damn font

  3. PAGOREM says:

    Hey Tyrannicon,great vids but you turned comedy exclusive.Need more battle vids.On a sidenote,please make a vid for one last update petition so as Bethesda to Npc lyp synch and mfg commands

  4. Tyrannicon says:

    Fraid not and if you guys dont watch it on Machinima and the views aren't great at the end of the series it won't be renewed so no more Throthgar :s

  5. thelasthallow says:

    Well then you can make it yourself and upload it to ur channel and get views and make money that way.

  6. VPofE says:

    curse you machinima for taking credit of this channel

  7. NinjasUseGlocks says:

    "hey Throthgar son of Bothvar, descendant of Edgar, brother in law of Einar second cousin of Folkmar, and the slayer of Guldar hows it going" "prdtty good Throthgar son of Bothvar, descendant of Edgar, brother in law of Einar second cousin of Folkmar, and the slayer of Guldar how about you?"

  8. EAF 1 says:

    Why not upload to your own channel?

  9. Tyrannicon says:

    Machinima pay me to make videos for their channel.

  10. EAF 1 says:

    Ah, that makes sense, but couldn't you upload to both?

  11. Tyrannicon says:

    Nope, the contract from Machinima doesn't allow it.

  12. EAF 1 says:

    That's stupid, it's your work, you should be able to upload it wherever you want.

  13. Singularity says:

    when you added Mola Ram's ,,Kali Maaaa'' to the sketch you got yourself a subscriber INSTANT hahahah πŸ˜€

  14. The one and only Taliats says:

    I don't like machinima, their video descriptions are awful, they are munny hungry bastards, they get great youtubers and literaly force them to pu ALL of the videos on Machinima.

  15. Tyrannicon says:

    They don't force me to make any videos for them, I choose to put my vids on their channel as they have 9 million more subscribers than me and can pay me more money than I would get if I put the video on my channel.

  16. The one and only Taliats says:

    wait, so you actually have a choice in the matter? You learn something new every day πŸ˜›

  17. baker albaker says:

    I miss your old videos like That, is there a way I could watch them again? πŸ™

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