Skyrim Tales – Morgasm The Powerful


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There is a Throthgar NPC mod in the works:

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Throthgar rises again for more incompetence in Skyrim

Skyrim Tales - Morgasm The Powerful

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17 thoughts on “Skyrim Tales – Morgasm The Powerful”

  1. i should be In these tales. after all, throfgar would make a great chew toy for my pet dragons.

  2. He didn't live very long now did he? LOL! Nice touch with the phrase from Sega's "Altered Beast"- "ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!"

  3. Love Altered Beast. When we didn't have dlc's for skyrim all i would play was altered beast.

  4. And this is the first time… I heard throthgar rise from his grave and never give up… :'') 

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