Skyrim Tales – Dragonborn Coward


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Skyrim Tales - Dragonborn Coward

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10 thoughts on “Skyrim Tales – Dragonborn Coward”

  1. Juwan Buchanan says:

    The birth of Throthgar, the Legend where it all began.

  2. bastiisalive says:

    ahhhh, so he was the one who testified on court, in attempt to help for Jenkin's trial

  3. Chosen One says:

    2020 and I back here in quarantine enjoying the nostalgia of my first time watching thug…am I alone?

  4. PittMan Gaming says:

    Ahh the ancient, most critical key steaming videos from back in the day. Most generous at this most critical key point.

  5. Bryan Sherman says:

    I'm glad I decided to watch your first video, this is hilarious 🤣

  6. Adam Pucknell says:

    Uploaded 11 days after release

  7. Mega Bonker says:

    What is this accent.

  8. Villanueva says:

    Finds a dragon at last…..runs away hahahaha

  9. Jäger says:

    Where's the fken nirnroot magical nirnroot cocanem

  10. Hotterk88 says:

    2021 I reinstalled skyrim just to add the Throthgar follower mod

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