Skyrim Mod Mondays: Real Carriages (Hosted By Throthgar)


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Welcome to the first edition of Skyrim Mod Mondays hosted by Throthgar! This week we study Real carriages by kkuhlmann (on Steam Workshop only):

Skyrim Mod Mondays: Real Carriages (Hosted By Throthgar)

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19 thoughts on “Skyrim Mod Mondays: Real Carriages (Hosted By Throthgar)”

  1. Nope, It's cooler than that. You can have a white eye that blends in with the rest of the eye and one other eye. If you are a high elf you can make your character look like a Thalmor Herobrine. No Pupils. Pretty much all the races have that one-eye thing.

  2. It's been so long since I watched this I forgot how funny it is when he shouts "Jesus!"

    On a side not shouldn't it be Talos? or akatosh? or any of the other divines? You know since Jesus doesn't exist in this realm?

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