Skyrim Mod Mondays: Real Carriages (Hosted By Throthgar)


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Welcome to the first edition of Skyrim Mod Mondays hosted by Throthgar! This week we study Real carriages by kkuhlmann (on Steam Workshop only):

Skyrim Mod Mondays: Real Carriages (Hosted By Throthgar)

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19 thoughts on “Skyrim Mod Mondays: Real Carriages (Hosted By Throthgar)”

  1. Nope, It's cooler than that. You can have a white eye that blends in with the rest of the eye and one other eye. If you are a high elf you can make your character look like a Thalmor Herobrine. No Pupils. Pretty much all the races have that one-eye thing.

  2. It's been so long since I watched this I forgot how funny it is when he shouts "Jesus!"

    On a side not shouldn't it be Talos? or akatosh? or any of the other divines? You know since Jesus doesn't exist in this realm?

  3. can you please reupload throthgar and kickboxing banene PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEE

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