Skyrim Mod Mondays #2: Killer Tomato/Minecraft Sword (Hosted By Throthgar)


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The second video in the Skyrim Mod Mondays series. Watch Throthgar take on a deadly Tomato and wield the EPIC Diamone Sword from Minecraft

Killer Tomato by hdela:
Minecraft Sword by ArkAngel114:

Music Credits:
Bully Soundtrack
Soul Calibur 2 Soundtrack

Skyrim Mod Mondays #2: Killer Tomato/Minecraft Sword (Hosted By Throthgar)

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18 thoughts on “Skyrim Mod Mondays #2: Killer Tomato/Minecraft Sword (Hosted By Throthgar)”

  1. WillWhiskey says:

    cool !
    gotta search for it then 😀

  2. Brandon Jepson says:

    Hey is this guy Canadian? Wondering because of the accent

  3. Tyrannicon says:

    Nope, English.

  4. Doni Bathuu says:

    since when canadians have this kind of accent now O_o

  5. Big1Swimmer2 says:

    A diamond sword wouldn't be all that useful. It may be the hardest material on earth but its very brittle. It would be the same as using a sword made of glass, of would shatter on the first hit

  6. Orem English says:

    A tomato is a fruit actually, and yet you don't put it in a fruit salad. Hmmn

  7. glacky thebread says:

    love this mod mondays

  8. Jabba Desilijic Tiure says:

    Funny that they've added glass swords in the game.

  9. Abdullah Humayun says:

    Is that accent on purpose? Like how Skyrim sounded like, 'Shkyrim' an awesomeness, 'Orshamness'?

  10. Protoman says:

    The tomato is from the film attack of the killer tomatoes

  11. Joseph Fleming says:

    This is why I don't like vegetables

  12. max playn says:

    max playn not amused.

  13. MrXemrox says:

    More mod Mondays.

  14. Wizard101 Finest says:

    What helmet are you wearing

  15. Tyrannicon says:

    Dragonplate helm fix from Skyrim Nexus.

  16. Melvin Martinali says:

    go minecraft

  17. anominon says:

    Soul Calibur music?
    Tomatoes are technically fruits, by the way.

  18. workingclass0 says:

    The sc2 music was a nice touch

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