SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Shichimen Warrior VS. Headless!


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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Shichimen Warrior VS. Headless!

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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS - Shichimen Warrior VS. Headless!

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20 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Shichimen Warrior VS. Headless!”

  1. I got a feeling one of them going to win this whole tournament. I mean with the terror, it's a walk in a park.

  2. something tells me that shichimen's gonna "fear cheat" all the way to the championship. ?

  3. Didn't know Headless could jump so high/far. But then again, I can never get that far away from him when I face him.

  4. Shichimen OP, please nerf. He abused his magic. Too bad there was not butt grab from Headless.

  5. Your Channel is just awesome!

    Headless was like "Look at this damage DAD!"

  6. You’ve helped me so much through Sekiro and now I’m at the end of the game about to beat it so thank you for everything but this video solidified my love for your channel and I just had to subscribe. Keep being awesome

  7. Sichiman takes the wheel again! lol
    No lasers used this time, and a bit slower than before but still has the plans going!

  8. sekiro is hard for all the Wrong reasons like crap save options and lame unbreakable animation cycles IE health boosting. Sekiro also has TERRIBLE AI, hitboxes, tracking, attack cancelling/interception and most of all a herky jerky camera that could give a russian tank driver a seizure

    your weapon can kill an armored foot soldier in 2 hits but you have to chip away at old lady boss characters with dozens of strikes to get one of multiple necessary "deathblows" because they clearly SHOEHORNED some "souls nerd" mechanics into the good ol TENCHU infrastructure in an immersion breaking fantasy that Buffs your blade from deadly Katana to Harry Potter magic wand depending on the whim of the developer

    the combat is mostly scripted…
    if you use an unexpected attack even with perfect timing and distancing it can often times pass right through the enemy leaving you open for a counter making hitting them more dangerous than running and dodging if you don't use the expected scripted attack pattern

    The game plays more like a scripted QuickTime event than actual athletic contest like old school classics like Tekken or Bushido Blade

    I can see why nerds like this kind of contest because once you learn the dance maneuvers you look like a pro even though you're just typing out a pre-arranged set of inputs like a secretary rather than having to react to a series of attacks in real time real world stragety

    It's totally natural to get frustrated because the strategies they expect you to use are pretty ridiculous IE stand and block when the giant bull is charging you or throw firecrackers at a 7 ft tall murderous Samurai

    I think they would have been a lot better off if they just made another tenchu and another Souls game rather than trying to shoehorn them into one confusing package but considering how lame video games have become since the microtransaction monster showed up I can see why this sloppy herky-jerky mess loaded with immersion breaking silly animations and childish characters won game of the year

  9. Shicimen is too strong for this. You need confetti to deal real dmg to him otherwise he is very tanky and he infuses terror in enemy veins which no one can handle

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