SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Gyoubu Oniwa VS. Great Shinobi Owl!


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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Gyoubu Oniwa VS. Great Shinobi Owl!

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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS - Gyoubu Oniwa VS. Great Shinobi Owl!

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RAGE INDUCING PUZZLES! Little Nightmares 2!

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40 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Gyoubu Oniwa VS. Great Shinobi Owl!”

  1. Madder R3d says:

    "Dont let me have to think for 1 second" ..well this is up tp a great start, once again nuuhw!

  2. ukmachinehead says:

    lol Id like you to play original as well 🙂

  3. PunisherRam says:

    Thanks for trying it out Tyrannicon! Glad to donate it, and even happier to watch the key rage lol. Even if it's a one off, I'm happy you gave it a go.

  4. Sad Onion says:

    Abes odyssey inept controls? Abes odysee had pretty decent controls.

  5. Alex Delarge says:

    I watched about 75 percent of this already. So here I am again to watch proper gameplay.

  6. Kalzifer K says:

    I love this game. I read all comics about the world of little nightmares and played the first game and the mobile game 'very little nightmares'. I hope you like it too, even when you grumble a lot about the game mechanics (:

  7. Robert Wallach says:

    What true story is this based on? I could find anything when I went on google.

  8. KaijuJohnny says:

    Puzzle games are always good for Ty to rage. 🤣 This was a fun game to stream. I just watched the whole thing, sorry I missed it live.

  9. farmasingh says:

    Enjoyed this playthrough very much, like a nice telltale like game… apparently based on true events 🤣🤣

  10. Grace {xobehtedistuokniht} says:

    The naturally dulcet tones of his singing voice always leaves me feeling quite smitten for some peculiar reason.. Honestly, i could listen to him sing for hours and be quite happy 🙂

  11. Rafael says:

    See? If y'all donate games to Tyrannicon that you really want to see him play, he might actually do it and you'll get comedy gold like this! 😂🤣

  12. Spark 79 says:

    ROFL please play more this was gold

  13. Kegan Roark says:

    It’s just like playings inside and limbo on mobile if you’ve ever seen them

  14. Ultimate legend says:

    1:18:30 lol. Throthgar's key school experience

  15. Vp Aizen says:

    Man without DB you would of been forever lost in the darkness. I expect more from the guru….

  16. Tiffany Starr says:

    I'm watching this once again at a key point.

  17. Tiffany Starr says:

    Onimusha Dawn of Dreams was a great game. You want old? I'm streaming Chrono Cross on my channel letting the audience pick my party. Retro game lovers unite!

  18. Rob K says:

    Ghost of tsushima was fantastic. This game also looks beautiful and fun to play

  19. Karyon Their Story says:

    Every time you say demon I have Sekiro Goru flashbacks

  20. Gamer4prox says:

    can we have an ALL BOSS fight like royal rumble

  21. Silver says:

    Whats the song called that plays during the fight???

  22. Heith Walton says:

    Slightly confused about why Gyoubu's posture never recovered

  23. Dylan Woodward says:

    I was beginning to think that Gyuobo wouldn't lose unless his opponent inflicted terror on him. But wow, Owl pulled a real surprise win there!

    BTW I'm also commenting because of the Guru. What we WILLLLL DOOOO, is comment in the name of Guru. U'll luv it.

  24. Michael Knights says:


  25. malignantfish says:

    What a bunch of bakayarus and chikushus at the beginning of the video.

  26. mdr893 says:

    Yooo some of the battle just really close like this. Always get me on the edge of my seat!

  27. black neo the one says:

    Well owl did train sekiro hes no Slouch

  28. Pedro Kyu Fontao says:

    If the match does not happen at the finale, would love some exhibitions match like: O'rin vs Ujinari Mizuo, and ofc Isshin vs Owl

  29. Ray Hanma says:


  30. Naalein Grohiik says:

    Poor horse, the guy drifting with him like a nissan

  31. Vandega says:

    I am compelled to comment here, take heed YouTube, you inept bastard

  32. ChocoSenpai says:

    Liked, Subscribed and also rang the Bell Demon. Heres to hoping guru face reveal!!!!

  33. Wal Gamer says:

    I would have been upset if gyoba won this

  34. Darkness Devours says:

    This is about how I expected as well. Since I mentioned Owl gets staggered by strikes whereas Gyoubu only got stunned every so often, it was anyone's guess at who would win. Owl just barely pulled through, no doubt thanks to the shurikens.

  35. Ferdi Emvirra says:

    MYY NAMEE.. ow no..ow no no no no

  36. GotDjent? says:

    yo Guru who tf is the dude at 0:11 ?

  37. RedPine 20 says:

    Aaah… I can finally catch up.

  38. Fadhli Gaba says:

    YOU SHOULD PUT THE " FATHER OWL " INSTEAD OF THE " SHINOBI " OWL. Personally, i think Father Owl is far superrior than Shinobi Owl. It shows more of Owl's potential.

  39. Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago says:

    1:55 no he didn’t get hit by the spinning spear.

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